API - Ticket Modeling

Here is the Data Modeling of DineConnect Tickets API

Entity Attribute DataType Description
Ticket tenantId Number Tenant Id Assigned 
  locationName Text Name of the Location the Ticket belongs to
  location Id Number Id For the Corresponding Location
  ticketId Number Location Created Id (This is not Unique) and You have to consider Ticket Number
  ticketCreatedTime datetime Ticket Created Date and Time 
  lastUpdateTime datetime Last Update Ticket Date and Time 
  lastOrderTime datetime Last Order Created Date and Time 
  lastPaymentTime datetime Last Payment when it was made to the Ticket
  isClosed boolean Status of  the Tickets (Opened or Closed)
1 -> Closed
0 -> Open

In DineConnect, Only the Closed Ticket will come 
  isLocked boolean Locked Status
If the Pre-Settlement is requested for the Ticket, It will be True.
In DineConnect, only the False will be reflected
  remainingAmount Number Remaining Amount in the Ticket. It will always be 0
  totalAmount Number Total Amount of the Ticket
  departmentName Text Name of the Department, the Ticket is created

(Dine In, Take Away)
  ticketTypeName Text Name of the Ticket Type, the Ticket is Created

(Sales, Credit, etc)
  note Text Ticket Note attached to the Ticket
  lastModifiedUserName Text Name of User who last modified the Ticket
(It could be the Adding Order , Adding Payment, etc)
  ticketTags Text It will have the Information about the PAX, Gender, etc)
  ticketStates Text States of the Ticket. (Paid, Refund, Closed, etc)
  ticketLogs Text Logs Created For the Tickets
  taxIncluded boolean Tax Included (or) Excluded in Total Amount of the Ticket
  terminalName Text Terminal where the Ticket is Created
  preOrder boolean It determines, the Ticket is not settled. In DineConnect, we will always have a Settled Ticket
  ticketEntities Text JSON Array, it has information about the Table, Member and Customer
Orders   Number  
  orderId Number Id Created for each Order Created
  locationName Text Name Of the Location order Created
  location_Id Number Corresponding Location Id
  ticketId Number Ticket Id in which the Order Belongs to
  departmentName Text Department in Which the Order is Created
  aliasCode Text Alias Code of the Menu Item for the Order. It could be the External System Id 
  menuItemId Number DineConnect MenuItem Id of the Order
  menuItemName Text DineConnect MenuItem Name of the Order
  portionName Text Portion name in MenuItem
  price Number Price of the MenuItem
  costPrice Number Cost Price of the MenuItem if it is defined
  quantity Number Quantity of Menuitems Ordered
  portionCount Number Quantity of the Portion Ordered
  note Text Note For Particular Order
  locked boolean Status of Order
  calculatePrice boolean It determines whether the price should be calculated or not
In case of Void, Gift, Comp, the Calculate Price will be false
  increaseInventory boolean It determines whether the inventory should be Increased or not
  decreaseInventory boolean It determines whether the inventory should be Decreased or not
  orderNumber Number Order Number created for each order
  creatingUserName Text The User ordered was created
  orderCreatedTime datetime Date and Time of the Order Created which is order sent to the Kitchen
  priceTag Text Price Tag of the Order.
Price Tag determines where we should have a different price for the Menu Item
  taxes Text Tax for Particular Order
  orderTags Text Order Tag Details for Order
(Less Oil, More Salt, etc)
  orderStates Text Status of Order (Void, Comp, Gift, Refund, Submitted)
  isPromotionOrder boolean Where the Order is Promotion Order or not 
  promotionAmount Number Total of the Promotion Amount
  menuItemPortionId Number Portion Id of Menu Item
  creationTime datetime The time when the Order is clicked and added to the POS
  creatorUserId Number Id of User Who Created the Order
  id Number Location Reference ID
  paymentTypeId Number Id for PaymentType
  paymentTypeName Text Name of PaymentType 
  ticketId Number Ticket Id For Which Payment Done
  paymentCreatedTime datetime Time and Date when the Payment is Performed
  tenderedAmount Number Tendered amount 
  terminalName Text Name of the terminal where Payment is done
  amount Number Total Amount Settled
  paymentUserName Text Name of User Who Settled the Ticket
  accountCode Text Account Code of the Payment Type
  paymentTags Text Corresponding Payment Tag
(Includes the Last 4 Digits of the Card or other Information relates to the Ticket)
  creationTime datetime Date and Time when the Payment is created
  creatorUserId Number The user who created the Payment
  id Number Internal Id
  transactionTypeId Number Id of TransactionType
  transactionTypeName Text Name of Transaction Type
  ticketId Number Corresponding Ticket Id
  amount Number Amount For Particular Transaction (Sales, Discount, Tax, Payment, etc)
  accountCode Text Account code of the Transaction
  creationTime datetime Date and Time when the Payment is Created
  creatorUserId Number Userid who created the transaction
  id Number Internal Id
  isDeleted boolean  
  deleterUserId number  
  deletionTime datetime  
  lastModificationTime datetime  
  lastModifierUserId number  
  creationTime datetime  
  creatorUserId number  
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