TAX is nothing but a compulsory contribution to state revenue, levied by the government added to the cost of some goods, services, and transactions.

TAX in Connect will be maintained for the POS Operations. TAX can be defined by the combinations as  (Location, Department, Product Category, Product).

For Eg,  

  • Take Away Department will have the different taxes than the Restaurant Department. 
  • Location A has the different tax percentage in Location B.

Using Taxes, you maintain the different combinations


STEP 1: Go to CONNECT --> MASTER --> TAX. The Page displays all the Taxes.  NOTE: From this Page, you will be able to export the Tax or Edit or Create the Tax.

STEP 2: To Create a New Tax. Just click CREATE DINEPLANTAX and enter the Name under Tax Tab.

STEP 3: Go to Tax Mapping Tab and the following screen appears

Location The location in which the Tax should be applied
Percentage The total percentage of the TAX
Transaction Type What account in which the TAX should be carried. In the chosen Transaction Type, you will be able to see the Value of the Transaction.

You can choose the variation of Department, Category and Menu Item as per your TAX. Once done, please click SAVE  to save the transaction


The above steps help to add the Taxes to One Location. If you want to add the SAME TAX to other Location. You have to do the following steps. THIS STEP IS MANDATORY WHENEVER YOU CREATE THE LOCATION

STEP 4:  Go the Initial Page of TAXES and Click Edit on the TAXES you would like to add another location

STEP 5: From this Page, you would be able to Edit the TAXES for Previous Locations or Click Clone Mapping to Add New Location.

By Clicking Clone Mapping, it copies all the Values from the Location except the Location for you to choose it

By Clicking the Edit Tax, it allows us to edit the Tax Percentage or Mapping as below

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