This section of the Chapter explains how to do a POS Operation in DinePlan


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Split Payment will be helpful if you want to do the SPLIT Payment among the Customers and also display the Tendered Amount accordingly.


We will be in a Scenario, where TICKET TOTAL $ 46 where it will be shared by two people as 20 and 26

The first customer has to be PAY $20 but they give $25, we need to see how it will be done

STEP 1: Enter the Amount they are going to Pay which $20

STEP 2: Click Split Button. The following screen appears

STEP 3: Enter the Value $25 now and Choose the Payment Mode and It will display the Value as 5

You can continue for the next Customer.

While doing split up, you have entered the wrong SPLIT VALUE $20, you can revert back by clicking SPLIT AGAIN and It will bring back the Value to the Total Amount.




During the operation, the customer request to Merge the Tables (I would like to pay for Table Number 5 and 6) or We can call it in DinePlan as Merge the Tickets from Table 5 and Table 6 or We can represent like Merge the Tickets of Entity Type Table which has Name 5 and 6.

Merge Tickets can be also applied to Merging Customer Tickets or Merge the Tickets of Entity Type Customers which has Name "JOHN" and "STEVE"

Lets see how we can accomplish this in DinePlan. We would like to Merge Tables (2,3,12)

STEP 1: Open the Table 2 and Click Change Table as below



STEP 2: It will open the Table Page and Choose the Table 12. It will be Merged now

STEP 3: Do the Same Step for the Table 3

STEP 4: When you click the Table 12, you will be able to see below


STEP 5: Just Click the Number 1 on the Left side like below and It will be changed to BLUE color