Here is the document to integrate ARTECH USB CALLER ID in DInePlan. ARTECH device never gives the COM PORT on Installation. We have an alternate program to pull out the number from the Device and send it to DinePlan.


Here are the steps

STEP 1: Download Artech.App from the Drive and extract into the Folder.

STEP 2: Start Artech.App.exe and screen appears

STEP 3: There is a Phone Icon in the ICON TRAY and right click on that to show and hide of the Screen

STEP 4: By Default, the App Creates the Number file in the Folder C:\Temp\ and If you want to change the Folder, you can change it in the Artech.App.exe.config file 

That is it for the Setting for the Artech App Side

To test the Artech Device Working. Just call the Number in which the device is attached, it shows the number in the Panel as below


STEP 1: Go to BackOffice --> Setup --> Local Settings --> Devices

Click Add  and choose Artech

STEP 2: Click Settings Button and Set all the Details as below

Path It should be the same path from the ARTECH Device Configuration
FileName Do not change the File Name 

That is it.


On Second Time, It will display with the name as below



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