Here, we have to see how to login, logout and exit from DinePlan.


STEP 1: Just open the DinePlan Application by Double Clicking on its Icon (Below is the DinePlan Icon).

STEP 2: Once click on the Icon, System responds with the below Login Screen.

In this Page, we have below three options.

  • LOGN – It is used to login into Application by entering the User’s PIN (Password) or scanning the MICR Card in the MICR Reader or by placing the finger in Bio Metric Device.
  • EMPLOYEE – It is used to record the Clock In & Out of the Employee(s).
  • EXIT – It is used to exit or quit from the Application. 

STEP 3: Once login to the Application, System responds with the below Dashboard Screen.

In this Page, we have the below options.

  • FRONT DESK – It contains all the Reports.
  • BACK OFFICE – It is used to manage all the Settings used in the Application.
  • WORKDAY – It is used to start the business day and shift.
  • POS – It is used to handle all the POS operations. It is enabled only the Work Day started.
  • TICKETS – Here, all Type of Tickets are displayed. User can show the Ticket Details, Reprint & Refund the Ticket.
  • LOGOUT – It is used to logout from the Application. 

STEP 4: To logout from the Application, Click LOGOUT button.

 A Clip will help you to understand how to LOGIN, LOGOUT and EXIT from DinePlan


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