PRODUCT TIMERS will be useful to sell time based services like SWIMMING POOL or TIMER BASED BUFFET, etc.


In this example, lets create a Timer Based Buffet. Here are the steps to configure it

STEP 1: We need to have a Product first before we configure Product Timer.

Please refer the following page for adding the Product

STEP 2: Go to Products -> Product Timers -> Add Product Timer. The following screen will appear.


Name of the Timer


Buffet Value is 15$.


Duration helps to identify how pricings are going to be calculated


For Example, the Base Price of the Product should be calculated for an hour or for an minute.



It represents the Duration.


If we give the Price Duration Type as Minute and Price Duration as 30.


The customer will be charged for 15$ for every 30 Minutes.



This parameter helps to configure in what interval the calcualtion will be effected.


For Example 1,


Duration Type is Minutes

Duration is 30

Min Time is 15


The user will be charged for Minimum of 15 Minutes which is 15/2 (7.5)


For Example 2,


Duration Type is Minutes

Duration is 30

Min Time is 60


The user will be charged for Minimum of 60 Minutes which is 15*2 (30).


Start Time is mainly used when to start calculating.


This will be used in SWIMMING POOL Kind of Scenarios.


The Swimming Pool will be opened at 9AM in the Morning and Closed at 5PM in the evening.


The Customers are allowed to use the POOL. Whenever they go, it has to be paid for the Time Since 9AM.


How to round the Time Duration.


If the Rounding 5, and Total Time taken as 12.6 Minutes, It will take as 15 mins


The Below Screen Shot helps you to identify that.

Here is the configuration as below for a product

Here is the output from the POS

As per the Duration of Bellini, it should take only 2h 33M but it took 2h 35 Minutes. It is because of the Time Rounding.

  1. The moment you add the Product Timer item, it will be started automatically
  2. Before you close the Ticket, it should be stopped or the ticket will not be closed and it will be keep charging.

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