Setup QuickDine in DinePlan

This document is to set up QuickDine in DinePlan


  1. Get the QuickDine Access from the Team
  2. Get the following Information 
    • QuickDine API Url
    • QuickDine Tenant Id
    • QuickDine Location Id
    • QuickDine User and Password

QuickDine can be used in multiple ways like TakeAway, Dine-In, and Delivery. 

Here are the steps with Different Sections 

Quick Setup

The Quick Setup is pretty easy. 

STEP 1: Save all the Credentials from the Team to Program Setting as below 

Department Where the Ticket should be created for QuickDine
Payment Type If the ticket is already paid, where you want to keep those Tickets in DinePlan
OtherCharge Other Charges in QuickDine will be added 

STEP 2: Make sure that QuickDine is On in Local Settings

STEP 3: Setup QuickDine from the Screen


Click QuickDine and Setup

This will create the respective Actions and Rules for it 


The above Quick-Step Creates the Action and Rules required for the Dine-In. Here are the things to know it 

  • Table Name in DinePlan and QuickDine should be Same 

  • Whenever you click the Table in DinePlan, it asks for the user to create the QR Code or not 

If it's clicked Yes and it creates the QR Code for it.

Tags for printing Template

{URL} Prints the URL of the QuickDine 
{Pincode} Prints the Pincode
{EntityName} Print the Table Name

We have added to Preview Tickets in QuickDine via Action. Here are the steps to be done 

STEP 1: Create Automation Command as below 


STEP 2: Create Action for Preview Tickets


STEP 3: Create Rule for Mapping Automation Command and action





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