We call each Receipt as Tickets.  Each Ticket can contain Multiple Orders and Multiple Payments.  Each Order is associated with the Menu Item and Multiple Condiments

Each Ticket in DinePlan have the Ticket Type associated and Ticket Type is mapped to the Department (RESTAURANT, DINE IN, TAKE AWAY)

Whenever the Ticket is Created from the Restaurant, the Ticket is mapped to the Associated Ticket Type which got mapped to that Ticket

Ticket Type helps to do the following things

  • Create Different Ticket Number. For Instance, we usually have a Ticket Number or Receipt Number. The customer would like to have a different series of number for each department. We can configure it via Ticket Type by Creating Different Ticket Type for Department 
  • Entity Type can be assigned to the Ticket Type and we can make it mandatory as well for the User to choose it 
  • Allow Zero Price Products or Not - There are times, we should accept the Zero Price Products. This could be defined here.


Tax Inclusive or Exclusive is the setting at the Ticket Level. If its ticket, its Inclusive or Exclusive by itself. In DinePlan, it is possible to do the Tax Inclusive or Exclusive setting only at the Department Level, not at the Item Level.


Instance, you want to generate a different number for each department for Ticket. Here are the steps to be done

STEP 1: Go to Tickets --> Number Generators and Click Add New Number Generator. The following screen appears

Number Format: It is appended with TA

STEP 2: Create Ticket Type for Take Away Department

STEP 3: Map the Ticket Type to the Department




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