Delivery Hero Integration

This document is for configuring the Delivery Hero Integration

Here is the Action for it 

Department Name Department where the ticket will be saved to.
CustomerEntity Customer will be created every time the delivery hero order comes to if the DinePlan does not have the data
ExtraOrderTagGroup The tag will be assigned to the value that we receive
DeliveryFeeCalculationType This is for Delivery Fees for the Delivery Hero Integration
Discount If there is any discount comes from the Delivery Hero and it will be assigned
DeliveryLocation This is the Gateway Location that we receive. It should be received from the team before the implementation

Once the above action has been defined, we can map this action to Trigger and Rule as below 

The Rule as below

The same action can be mapped to Automation Command in Rule to Pull the Order as well for Adhoc Receive of the Order.


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