FBR Implementation

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), formerly known as the Central Board of Revenue, is a federal government organization of Pakistan that investigates tax crimes and money-laundering. FBR operates through tax inspectors that keep tax evaders under surveillance and perform special tasks for FBR Headquarters.

Here is the implementation of DinePlan


Get all the Required value of FBR Setting as below 

Parameter Name Description
PosIdentifier Identifier of POS
UsIn UsIn of Organization
PctCode PCT Code of Organization
APIUrl URL of the Local System Connected to FBR

STEP 1: Create Action as below 

STEP 2: Attach the Action to Rule

Step 3: Add Mappings

That's it.

Here is the tag to Print the FBR Code in the Template

{FbrCode} Print the FBR Code
<QR>{FbrCode} Print the QR of FBR Code
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