DinePlan has pre-built actions built for Mall Integrations for Singapore

Here are the actions available and sample contents


It gives the Hourly Sales like one below





The format would be like the one above. 



It gives a summary for a day as per below



This generates the file as below



Sample File would be 


Here are the steps to be done

STEP 1: Based on your Mall Output, you can add Action as below


StoreId This value will be given by the respective outlet or Mall Management Team
Seperator This is the File Separator for the Content
FtpAddress The IP will be provided by the Management Team
FtpUserName UserName will be provided by the Management Team
FtpPassword Password will be provided by the Managment Team
FtpPort Default Value is 22. If the Management have the different port, it has to be overridden
FtpDirectory Default Value is /. If the Management have the different directory, it has to be overridden
Directory The Place where the Files will be created before transfer to FTP

STEP 2: Add the Following Rules

The following rule will send the File on Day End to the Mall Management

Make sure the Mappings are done.

NOTE:  Please install WINSCP ( Incase of files are not sent, the customer can send manually from the Directory. The WinSCP is in the DinePlan\Softwares\FTP folder from Drive







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