DinePlan Support MYEG Integrations. MyEG have three operations to be addressed


Transaction Flow :

MyEG expects the file to be sent for every transaction.


Recovery Flow  :

If the files are to be sent again for all the transactions. The POS should have a function to do that as well.


End of Day Data:

At every end of day performed at the POS regardless business hours, POS system is expected to send EOD data

NOTE: The file DinePlan.Addon.MalaysiaMyEg.dll has to be copied to [MYDOCUMENTS]\DinePlan\Custom folder. The DLL file can be taken from DinePlan\Installers\DinePlan\_Others\Localization\Malaysia


STEP 1: Create Action for TRANSACTION FLOW

RetailId  ID of the Retailer
Directory The Place this action will keep the files

STEP 2: Add this Action to the Rule as below for TRANSACTION FLOW

STEP 3: Create Action for End of Day Data

The Rule should be added as below to send for EOD

The following steps are common for both

STEP 4: Create Trigger  AUTOMATION --> TRIGGER

STEP 5: Create Action for Sending the Data to MyEG as below

IpAddress It could be hostname or domain of the MyEg Server
Directory The Place where the above actions to keep the files
BackupDirectory Its the Place where the files are kept after sent to the MyEg Server

STEP 6: Rule for Trigger and Action as below


STEP 1: Action for the Recovery Flow

IpAddress MyEg Server IP
Directory The Place where it looks for the .txt files. (We can give the Backup Folder of the SendMyEgFile)
BackupDirectory After sent, it saves into the Directory

STEP 2: Create Automation Command for resending files

STEP 3: Create Rules to Map the Action to Automation Command

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