UrbanPiper Integrations

This document helps to do the UrbanPiper Integration at DineSuite of Applications. UrbanPiper is integrated with DinePlan (with DineConnect) and Only DinePlan. 

The document is divided into the following things 

  1. Urban Piper 
  2. Gateway 
  3. Common Steps in DinePlan 
  4. DinePlan Integration (Applicable only if we do not use DineConnect).
  5. DineConnect Settings

Decide on the Location Name and Location Code for the Customer. This is very important to take the customer to accept the Orders from Urban Piper.

  1. Request a Credentials (API Key, User, URL for a Customer) from UrbanPiper Team
  2. If we use only DinePlan for the integration, We have to create the Location Manually in Quint Dashboard
  3. The Webhook should be configured in Quint Dashboard as below