By using the given URL, User can access the Ordering Screen. Here, User can start the ordering by choosing the Language.


STEP 1: User can access the Ordering Screen using the given URL. Example: It will show the Language list.

STEP 2: Once chosen the Language, it shows the Location list.

STEP 3: Once chosen the Location to make an order, it shows the Product Category list.

STEP 4: Choose the needed Product Category, it shows the selected Category’s Product list.

STEP 5: For selecting the Product, Click Plus (+) button, it shows the Product details. Here, User should choose the Portions needed and can add the Quantity needed and select the needed Add Ons (Order Tags). Once selected the needed things, just Click ADD button. It’s added in the Cart.


         * ADD button is enable when all the mandatory things are selected like Portions & Add Ons (Order Tags).

         * Suppose the Product having Upselling Products, it will show in the Screen once click ADD button.


STEP 5:  To confirm the Order, Click on Cart button. It will displays the selected Products, its selected Add Ons (Order Tags), its Quantity, Price & its Total Amount.

Note: Suppose want to change the Quantity or delete the selected Products, use Quantity Plus (+) and – Minus (-) or Delete button.

STEP 6:  Click Next button, give the Member details if needed and close the Order. It will display the Ticket Number.

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